5 Benefits, and Reasons You Should Start Vaping Electronic Cigarettes and Stop Smoking
Smoking has become a lot less popular as a result of public awareness of its deadly effects. The risks are well documented, especially in the US. Vaping is certainly safer than standard cigarettes, which have been studied for decades. Is vaping safer and more efficient than smoking? While a typical vape kit has 12mg of nicotine, a regular cigarette has one. Is vaping better than smoking? We look at the advantages of switching from smoking cigarettes to vaping.

  1. Vaping is much better for your health than smoking in terms of safety.
    The inaccurate information on vaping safety has led some people to believe that vaping is as dangerous or even more dangerous than smoking. Vaping is 95% safer than smoking, and it is also more effective as a cessation aid, resulting in higher success rates in quitting. The greatest benefit of all, however, is that you’ll notice significant health advantages in a relatively short time after switching to vaping. Blood pressure is lowered, breathing becomes easier, immune function improves, taste and smell are enhanced, and lung function improves as a result.
  2. Second-hand vapor is much less hazardous than second-hand smoke.
    It has been established for decades that smoking poses serious health hazards for both smokers and anyone around them. Around 70 carcinogens are present in cigarettes’ smoke, in addition to more than 5000 chemicals.

    When someone smokes, secondhand smoke can enter the respiratory system of other people besides the smoker. Secondhand smoke has been linked to several medical conditions, including:
    Increased risk of respiratory infections such as bronchitis and pneumonia is connected to second-hand smoke inhalation. Increased risk of ear, throat, and nose infections, as well as severe asthma and asthma attacks, are also linked to second-hand smoke. Sudden Infants Death Syndrome is also very high.

    The risk of inhaling second-hand vapor appears to be lower when vaping than smoking. Researches suggest that inhaling second-hand vapor is harmless. Vapor dissipates rapidly, making it safer for those around you when you vape. Despite the fact that some health practitioners recommend abstaining from vaping around young children and pregnant women, it’s safer to be cautious.
  3. Vapor dissipates faster than cigarettes smoke
    Even when there is no ventilation, the air quality is not compromised when an e-cigarette user exhales. Vapor disappears almost immediately after being exhaled, and even in a poorly ventilated room it does not compromise air quality. While cigarette smoke can linger in the air for more than 30 minutes, cigarette smoke can settle into a room’s furnishings and fabrics, particularly because it is often a sweet, fruity e-liquid. Because vapor disappears quickly after being exhaled, it is not an issue for vapers. It is also much more pleasant for you and others in the vicinity, since it often lingers as an e-liquid aroma.
  4. E-cigarettes when exhaled produce less harmful chemicals.
    There are fewer chemicals in the vapor exhaled from an e-cigarette than from a tobacco cigarette, as there are fewer main ingredients. Most e-liquids contain four key components: PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetable glycerin), nicotine, and vape flavourings. These are thought to be safe to consume. In contrast, more than 5000 chemicals are present in tobacco smoke when it is exhaled. Vaping is safer than smoking because you know more about the e-liquid’s ingredients than you do about those in a cigarette. Although e-cigarettes are not entirely harmless, they are less hazardous than tobacco smoking.
  5. It is easier to stop vaping than smoking
    E-cigarettes gives you different strength options to gradually reduce your nicotine intake. By being in control totally, you can easily control your intake. As per smoking, this is often not possible with tobacco cigarettes.