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  • Fujima Glow In The Dark Self Extinguishing Ashtray

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    This listing is for 1 individual glow in the dark car ashtray. Pick a color of your choice from the drop down menu.

  • Smoke Odor Exterminator Candles 13oz (23 Flavors)

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    About this item

    • Eliminates Smoke and Pet Odors
    • Special Enzymes Actually Remove Odors from the Air – Not just cover them up
    • Made in USA
    • Paraffin and Soy Blend

    Product Details
      • Burn Time: Up to 70 hours
    • Weight: 13oz

  • Monkey Whizz – Serious Monkey Bizzness

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    We are proud to bring you the newest imitation urine substitution device on the market – Monkey Whizz! This amazing package comes ready to use right out of the box! Comes complete with over 3.5oz. of the highest quality imitation urine toxin and disease free urine available, attached to an adjustable 100% cotton elastic belt. (All medical grade) Also included are two organic heat pads, an easy to read temperature strip and detailed instructions.

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    The RAWK & ROLL ALL NIGHT bag is RAWesomely designed for you to bring everything – and I mean EVERYTHING you could need for a night out smoking! This badass bag has the RAW watermark faded over smoky black and a contrasting RAW RED interior.

    The center pouch has a triple bag-within-a-bag configuration featuring an internal, smell-proof, activated carbo, 5-layer pouch PLUS a foil smell locking bag. The lower section has discreet padded pull-out tube storage with a siliconized zipper!

    There’s an easy-access. outer deep pocket, 5 non-slip grip pads on the bottom of the bag and so much more!!!

  • RAW Crystal Ashtray

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    The RAW lead-free crystal glass ashtray is so thick it could probably stop a bullet! We made this beautiful piece to bring you back to the art form that was the fine smokewear of the 1950’s. The RAW Crystal Ashtray is classic leaded style, but we use modern lead-free crystal glass because nobody wants to touch lead. We also designed our crystal ashtray to be 3.5 lbs because the antique VS version that inspired us weighs 3.3 lbs, and we will never be outdone!

    May only the finest ash rest in this beautiful piece of art! NO SCHWAG PLEASE!

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    XSTREAM Synthetic Urine

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    Are you ready to get wild and wet? XStream Fetish Urine can take your water sports kink to the next level! Specially formulated in a lab, this golden nectar contains all the same ingredients as the urine your body naturally produces and it’s 100% Biocide FREE.. It’s so close to the real thing, laboratories can even use it as a control sample to test and calibrate their urinalysis equipment! But, because it doesn’t contain any harmful bacteria or toxins, it’s a safer and cleaner option if you don’t want to put your partner(s) at risk for sexually transmitted diseases like Hepatitis B, Herpes, or Chlamydia. If you’re looking to get piss-freaky without using your own whizz, XStream Fetish Urine is just the thing for you!

    XStream’s formula is so advanced, it’s even used by urinalysis testing centers to help lab technicians make sure their equipment isn’t giving them false readings. Specially formulated to have the same chemical composition and appearance of normal, human urine, this stuff has just the right balance of creatinine, uric acid, urea, amino acids, and proteins to make it identical to the real thing! XStream Fetish Urine is also balanced for specific gravity and pH, making it the most lifelike fetish urine on the market. This liquid gold even smells like pee and will foam when you shake it! If it’s good enough to pass for piss in a lab, it’s definitely good enough to get the job done in the bedroom.

    Forget about mixing up your own sample from a dehydrated powder. XStream comes premixed and ready to go! But, since delivering your fetish urine at the right temperature is extremely important to creating the perfect golden shower simulation, you’ve gotta make sure your urine is at body temperature before you let it flow. Wet sex is hot, but nobody likes cold pee!

    XStream comes with one 3oz bottle of premixed fetish urine, one temperature strip to make sure your sample is at body temperature before you deliver it, one hand warmer to keep your urine warm, and one rubber band to attach the hand warmer to your bottle of XStream.

    With XStream Fetish Urine, you can play it safe (and ditch your safe word). It’s good enough to pass as real pee in a lab inspection, so it’s the perfect substitute for your own urine when you’re getting wild with your lover.

  • RAW x Rolling Papers Day Bag

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    This RAWking Day Bag has a built-in rolling tray, foil sealed bag-in-a-bag, genuine cork top, Velcro swappable patches, hidden stash pockets, activated charcoal smell-blocking liner, and a unique cross-banded storage area to keep supplies easily accessible AND secure!

    There are multiple storage compartments and stash areas to make this the ULTIMATE DAY BAG FOR RAWKING!!!

    RAW x Rolling Papers Day Bag: 4.5″ x 10″ x 9.5″

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    RAW Cone Snuffer

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    The RAW cone snuffer was carefully engineered to make it easier to put out and SAVE your partials for later! There is one large reverse conically-shaped center hole to gently extinguish and round tap points to scrape off excess ash (for use during smoking or before snuffing). There is a bottom magnet to attach to any of our metal ashtrays or trays. We didn’t just make a snuffer, we brought the snuffer to the next next level!!

  • RAW Drawstring Bag

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    The RAW Drawstring Bag – perfect for on the go, just adjust the rope to your preferred length and cut off the end.

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    RAW Black Socks

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    These RAW Black Socks are made from a carefully crafted blend of Hemp with soft cotton (for comfort), polyester (to keep them soft and warm yet lightweight with great moisture wicking properties, nylon (to keep their shape) and a bit of spandex (to gently conform to your foot). Please wash gently and air dry just to keep their colors and texture perfect.

  • RAW Smokermans Hats

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    We made this smoker’s hat extra comfy with spaces to hold your pre-rolls or tubes! Perfect for keeping the sun out of your low eyes.🙂

  • RAW Classic Hat

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    The original RAW Classic Hat is strictly for natural smokers! This adjustable snapback hat features the iconic RAW logo embroidered across the front-left side, #RAWLIFE on the right panel and the RAW Unrefined badge on the back-right panel. The relaxed style hat has high-quality red stitching along the rounded bill and panels with a tan snapback buckle on the back.

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    RAW Beanie

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    The RAW Soft Beanie makes cold days and nights a little more bearable. This simple but elegant hat has the iconic RAW logo patched and sewn across the front so it looks clean and is washing machine friendly. Made extra soft and comfy, the all-black RAW Beanie will keep you warm and toasty all winter long. Show your love for the most RAWESOME rolling papers in the world with the RAW Beanie!

    One size fits all.
    Machine washable.

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    RAW Toker’s Mask

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    You know we had to do this!

    Designed with a magnetic clasp for easy access.

  • RAW Reserva

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    The RAW Reserva is a next-level air-tight waterproof stash necklace! First it’s been perfectly engineered for RAW 1¼ or KS cones, then we invented a ICFF (Internal Centrifugal Cone Filler) for 1¼ Cones! The ICFF is easily removable so you can use the container as a pre-roll stash. The Reserva is made from plant plastic with a hemp corded necklace and is FRIGGIN PERFECT for filling and stashing on-the-go!

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    RAW Socks

    Original price was: $17.99.Current price is: $14.99.
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    AW has released the purest form of comfort and style in footwear with these RAW classic knit socks. The RAW Socks are slim, lightweight and have an extended cuff for a snugger fit. The Y-G light cushioned heel also adds comfort and durability to this RAWesome sock.

    One size.