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  • Kannastor GR8TR V2 Jar Body Grinder

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    No other grinder is this versatile. The GR8TR Jar Body Grinder has it all, including both Vape and Standard Easy Change Grinder plates, a 60 Mesh Stainless steel Easy Change Screen, top lid bonus storage, and all the modularity that one could ever hope for.

    Build It Your Way

    The GR8TR is modular by design. When it comes to assembling and configuring your GR8TR, the choice is yours. Not interested in sifting? Remove the sifting chamber to create a perfect 3pc GR8TR. Otherwise, convert your grinder into a storage sifter and get the most out of your herbs. You can also break it into a slim pocketable Storage Puck. Grind and Go with the GR8TR by Kannastör.

    Dimensions: 3.75 inches (H) x  2.125 inches (D)


    • Jar Body GR8TR Grinder
    • Limited Lifetime Warranty
    • Premium Food Grade Quality
    • GR8TR Storage Lid
    • Spare Grinder Plate Storage
    • Anti Friction and Residue Rings
    • Micro Teeth
    • Deep Dish Grinding Chamber
    • Easy Change GR8TR Plates
    • Easy Change Grinder Screen
    • Polished Puck Base
  • RAW LIFE Grinder

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    The RAW LIFE Grinder is modularly engineered to last a LIFEtime! Every component is easily cleanable and replaceable, even the screen. You can add or remove components onto your grinder and customize it exactly the way you like. Personally, I remove the screen and use it as a whole leaf grinder (grinding directly into the super large catch basin). Designed to not only shred your stuff, but to fluff as you grind to give you the perfect consistency materials to roll up in a RAW Paper.

    Every component on the RAW LIFE Grinder is guaranteed. If anything goes wrong with your grinder (other than something that’s not our fault or normal wear) let us know so we can replace the component that has failed!

    Now with more grip! Available in Black & Red.

  • RYOT Wood GR8TR with Jar Body

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    The Wood GR8TR with Jar Body builds on the patented Kannastör GR8TR design and adds an interchangeable and sealable glass jar system. Designed to be used with any RYOT jar or storage system such as the RYOT Lock R Box, Safe Case or Jar Cooler Bag.

    3 inches H x 2.5 inches W (57mm x 64mm)

    Quick Easy Access to your Herbs
    Magnetic Closure
    Tempered Glass Jar
    High Grade Silicone Seal
    Patents Pending
    Craftsmanship Guarantee


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    The GRAV® Grinder is 1.25″ tall and made on CNC aluminum. The 15 teeth and holes in its upper chamber are well-spaced to prevent clogging. Its bottom chamber features a GRAV® branded aluminum scraping tool. The edge of the tool is curved to perfectly fit the interior curve of the grinder.

    Designed by: Travis Dodson
    Length height: 1.25″
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    GREEN MONKEY Grinder 100MM – Silver

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    The Green Monkey Grinder is perfect for anyone seeking a high quality grinder.
    • Titanium Finish
    • Made from Aluminum
    • Comes with a scraper

    Width: 3.75 in. | Height: 1.5 in. | Depth: 3.75 in.
    Weight: 13.5 oz.

  • Famous Brandz Puff Puff Pass 4-Part Aluminum Herb Grinder

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    Durable 4-part herb grinder by Famous Brandz
    • Made from CNC aluminum
    • 4-part design
    • Razor sharp wavy teeth
    • Magnetic lid
    • Plastic pollen scraper
    • Nylon friction ring
    • Eight different strains to choose from
  • Revolver 6 Chamber Metal Pipe and Grinder

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    The Revolver is a uniquely eye-catching metal weed pipe and grinder. Modeled after a cylinder, The Revolver has six chambers for your packing pleasure. A built-in 2 piece weed grinder makes this pipe a one-stop shop for all your smoking needs! With tough metal and a fully solid body, it will be in your life for years to come. It has a polished silver color and copper accents for the realistic look of a proper revolver. You’ll catch everyone’s eyes when you fire this piece up!

    Pack your flower or dry herb in each of the 6 chambers. Then, stick your one-hitter into a chamber to easily fill it, or pack up a bowl! It’s an effortless pack in seconds. Our best two-piece grinder is built into the bowl for a multi-purpose piece. The Revolver 6 Chamber metal weed Pipe even comes with a key for easy cleaning! Get this pipe and grinder for a consistently good grind and the perfect toke.

    • Six rotating bowl chambers
    • Built in 2 piece grinder
    • Durable AF – All Metal
    • Amazing Gunslinger Design

    Did you fire six? or only five?

  • POKEBALL Herb Grinder

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    Pokeball Herb Grinder Details
    • Awesome grinder that will double as your pokeball!
    • 2-piece herb grinder with sharp metal blades
    • Diameter of Grinding Area – 1.5 inches in length
    • Diameter of entire Herb Grinder – 2-1/8 inches in length
    • Height – 2-1/8 inches tall
  • PIKACHU Metal Herb Grinder

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    Pika pika? Just like your Pokémon partner, this herb grinder is cute and useful enough that you’ll want to carry it around in your backpack at all times. The Pikachu metal herb grinder has sharp diamond-shaped teeth that shreds easily and its ears double as handholds to make turning a cinch. When not in use, this adorable Pikachu grinder looks like a toy and can be displayed in your home and no one will be any the wiser. The two-part design means less cleaning and just one compartment will get the job done, making it one of the best herb grinders around.

  • Broccoli Basher Magnetic Plastic Grinder

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    Using this Broccoli Basher grinder will make your smoking experience all the more enjoyable! Simply load in your legal smoking herbs, grind them down with the criss-cross toothv pattern of this grinder, and enjoy. This grinder also features a small compartment to store any herbs you don’t use right away, making this handy grinder even more useful!